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A tool that can help you access journal articles -- both Stetson library subscription articles and open access articles -- when you are on or off campus.

About Kopernio

Kopernio Logo

Kopernio is a free browser plugin developed by Clarivate, the parent company of Web of Science. It works in your browser to get you the best PDF copy of open access articles you want to find. 

  • Download the plugin and set up a free account with Kopernio to connect to Stetson’s content -- see instructions below.
  • The plugin stores your Stetson credentials on your personal computer and employs them when you're doing a literature search, so you can find articles when you're on campus or off campus.
  • Kopernio works with Google Scholar and publisher websites (Sage, Wiley, Springer, Taylor & Francis, etc.) to find freely available PDFs and library subscription content. Kopernio is fully integrated with the Web of Science and Biological Abstracts databases, but does not necessarily work with all database interfaces.               

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