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FSEM 100: Houston

Course Guide to support students who are working on research assignments for Dr. Sam Houston's FSEM 100: Religion & Human Rights in a Pluralistic World course

Evaluating information

                red pencil making check marks in boxes            Welcome! This page is for Dr. Sam Houston's Religion & Human Rights FSEM classes.

Evaluating Information or Is it Credible?

Questions to ask: 
 • Who is the author and what are their credentials?
 • What is the purpose of the publication or website? 
 • When was the information created?
 • Is it relevant to your research need?
 • Is the content accurate when compared to other information you find?

Finding a current event and Finding background information

Finding a current event
Getting Background or overview information.
The sites below are available through the library and include many subject specific encyclopedias.

Finding books, articles, and more information about your topic


This survey is intended for you to fill out after a librarian visits your class.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.