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Evaluating & Fact-Checking Sources

It can be tough to determine which sources are credible or reliable and which are not. This page features resources that will help you figure it out!

Identifying Credible Sources

StetsonULibrary. Identifying Credible Sources. 

When you find an information source, evaluate it using the following criteria and by answering the associated questions. 

Criteria Questions to ask
  • Who is the author? Who is the publisher?
  • What qualifications does the author have to write on this topic?
  • What is the publisher's reputation?
  • Where did the author get their information?
  • What do other sources have to say about the same topic?
  • Is the information up-to-date?
  • What are the author or publisher's goals?
  • Why did they create this source?
  • What biases are present?

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