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EBSCO Mobile App: How to use it

Directions for using the EBSCO mobile app

EBSCO Mobile App

Ebsco has created a great app for your phone or tablet. It works very well for bookmarking articles and books you find through a mobile search and enables the downloading and reading of full-text resources. Here's how to get started:

First: Find the app in the App Store (IOS) or the Google Play App Store (Android). Download it.

Once it's installed, you will be prompted to find your institution, which you can do from your location (while on campus) or enter into the text box: "Stetson University". Connecting your app to Stetson is important so that you can access resources the duPont-Ball Library has secured for the campus community.

After establishing your app's connection to Stetson, you will be guided through the process of logging in with your Stetson credentials. Keep in Mind: make sure you are on the Stetson Student or Stetson Faculty-Staff wifi network. When you see this notification, select Continue and then enter your Stetson credentials.

app icons

The icons at the bottom of your screen will help you navigate throughout the app. The home button will always take you to the beginning. The magnifying glass is for searching. The ribbon icon allows you to favorite a source, and the user icon is your information.

To conduct a search, select the magnifying glass and type in your search terms or keywords. Favorite articles you wish to save or download.

Search within the EBSCO app

screenshot for start searching

After you've entered your search terms, you can select from

among the filters: Peer reviewed, full text, or limit by date.

Favorite the articles or books you like. When you're ready to read

online, you can do that in the app or download for printing or off-

line reading by clicking the "Access Options" link:

Should you find that your access to a particular article or ebook is not available, make sure your instance of the app has you connected to Stetson with your credentials. For example, if you step away from the app, you will be required to reconnect to the Stetson community with your credentials.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.