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Music Performance: Orchestral Instrument

Music scores, recordings, articles, and research materials for music performance majors, emphasizing orchestral instruments.

Using Specific Databases to Find Articles about Music

Finding Journal Articles using OneSearch

There are several ways to retrieve journal articles on musical topics.  Using OneSearch, click the Articles icon, choose Subject from the first drop-down menu and enter the musical topic (in this case, the snare drum). Next, choose Stetson from the drop-down menu to the right and click the search icon. 

Note:  OneSearch searches the three largest databases which are multi-disciplinary.  There will be many articles on musical topics here; however, you will find more relevant information by searching specific databases.  See the box above this box for more information.


Your search results will look something like the search results below.

Notice you can limit your article search results to just Peer Reviewed articles. To learn more about peer review, see the definitions in the box to the left of this box.

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