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Finding Play Texts, Monologues, and Videos of Plays

A guide for finding information about dramatic plays as well as the text of dramatic plays in the duPolnt-Ball Library's collections.

Video Resources - Play Performances


Finding filmed adaptations of stage plays within the library's collections can be tricky.  The following are a few techniques that might help.

  • If you know which play or which playwright you are looking for, then it is easier to determine if the library has a filmed version of the play.


  • By using the Advanced Search screen, you can combine your terms, using "And" or "Or" to narrow your search results. 
  • Be sure and limit your search to Stetson University to return results available through the Stetson library.
  • If you are looking generally for filmed play performances or filmed adaptations of plays, the search is a little more difficult. Be sure and limit your search results to video formats.
  • If you are only interested in televised performances of plays, try the subject term, "Televised Performances." 

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