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3D Scanning

How to use the 3D scanning equipment in the Innovation Lab

Best Practices

  1. Smallest dimension of object should be 12inches (1 foot) in any given direction.
  2. If placing object on turntable, position turntable on table edge furthest away from the walls.
  3. As object turns or if you walk around the object, try to achieve scanning in one complete pass. A better scan can be achieved if done slowly and when one revolution of the object takes place.
  4. If object is shiny and reflects light your scan might have issues. To counter this, an object can be sprayed with a developer that will “tone down” the reflective areas.
  5. Make sure “Real Time Fusion” box is checked before scanning.
  6. If object has feathery or hair-like properties, then be prepared for some inadequate scanning between the details of the volume of these parts. The scanner can detect small details but not fine details. After you’ve scanned and find the scan data has holes or “missing data” in these parts, you have two options. Run the model through the few steps to achieve a finalized model and see how the software’s algorithm fills in the holes OR you can adjust the way the hair-like properties sit on the model. For instance, putting hair in a hair tie or forming hair in a smoother, solid form.
  7. Keep Scanner at an optimal range of 2 to 3 feet from object surface.
  8. If scanning a human or large object, you will need space within the room, so place object in centermost part of room to give you enough walk around space. Move chairs if needed.
  9. Create duplicates of your scans and then work off of them. This way you retain the original data in a scan in case you delete some data later by accident.
  10. When breaking down your model into multiple scans (as described in the tutorials) it is best to rename them to easily identify what frames are contained with them. This will help speed up your workflow.
  11. Save your project file as well as any other renders of your model onto your own USB external drive so that it is not left on the computer. The "Innovation Lab" profile (the login to access this software) is shared by everyone who uses the computer. Accidental deletion cannot not be helped so save often and save to your own storage device.

Video Tutorial

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