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Directions for the Collaboration Station in the Taylor Room (room 141)

Instructions for connecting your laptop to the large monitor or using the computer in room 141.

Room 141 - Taylor Room

Collaboration Station
To power on the monitor, use the remote or the power button on the touch panel (not an actual button, just touch the lower right corner of the screen).

To use a laptop:

  • Connect one of the cables to the laptop.
  • Use the Source button on the bottom right of the monitor to change the source to HDMI3.
  • Sometimes you have to change the display on your laptop for it to show on the large monitor. On a PC, press Function+F8 to change the display.
  • Sometimes you have to press the play button w on the HDMI cord to display the image on the big screen.
  • For full database access, connect to the Stetson Student network or the Stetson FacultyStaff network.

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