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Video Cameras: Borrowing equipment

Instructions on how to use the video cameras that are available for check-out at duPont-Ball Library.


There are a variety of tripods available for use with video and audio recording devices.  Look for a threaded hole on the piece of equipment you want to mount and secure to the mounting plate with the fitted screw.  Turn until secure but do not overtighten.  The mounting plate will then clip back into the top of the tripod, holding the equipment in place.  Adjust height and tilt as needed.


  • Flexible Tripod - bendable legs can wrap around railings/poles or balance on uneven surfaces.

  • Mini Tripod - small tripod best suited for desktop use; smartphone adapter included with kit.

  • Full-Size Tripod - lightweight tripod that extends as tall as 5' with adjustable legs.

Gimbal - Osmo Mobile 2

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