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Religious Studies

Guide for students researching in religious studies and topics.

Browsing the Stacks

One of the best ways to locate useful -- and sometimes quite surprising -- books in a library is to physically browse the shelves. OneSearch (link in the box below) has a "shelf browse" feature which enables you to do this electronically.

However, it is recommended that you take a look at the sequence of books on the shelf, for a particular subject area, to get an overview of the collection and to take advantage of the "serendipity" factor.

Also, you will note that books in the subject of Psychology and Philosophy are also shelved on the mezzanine, west side, in the various B classifications. The importance of these two disciplines and their relationship to Religious Studies is significant and explains why the book classification assigned to the disciplines is in the same area.

Locating Books using Selected Subject Headings

These are helpful subject headings often used to search for books and eBooks on religious studies:

Bible Old Testament -- criticism interpretations

Bible New Testament -- criticism interpretations



Bible Paul -- criticism interpretations


Comparative religion

Women in the Bible


World religion

Where to find Books in the Library

eBooks on Religious Studies

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