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World Languages, Literature, and Culture

Library research resources for Spanish, French, German, and Russian.

Call number ranges for world literature

The Library's circulating collection of foreign language books is shelved on the mezzanine, north side.

Call number ranges:                                                 

  • French:  PQ75 - PQ3989  
  • German:  PT35 - PT9877  
  • Russian:  PG11 - PG9596  
  • Spanish:  PQ6032 - PQ8897

Scholars point out that often one of the best ways to locate useful--and sometimes quite surprising--books in a library is to physically browse the shelves. 

This is easy to do in the foreign language collections--and in some others--in the Library.  You'll find that the first sections relate to an introduction and overall history of the literature.  After that, sections are divided into major historical periods, within which works by authors and commentaries about the authors are grouped alphabetically by the last name of the author.  By browsing the stacks you can quickly determine who are the major writers in a language and in a given time period.               

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