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Gender Studies

This guide will show you how to find library resources in Gender Studies topics

Databases for Background Information

Search for a person, place, thing, event, or concept to find background information on or gain familiarity with your topic.

Specialized reference sources such as these provide information similar to what you'd find in a Wikipedia page, but are usually written by an author with expertise, are intended for an academic audience, and may be more detailed than a general encyclopedia would be. Remember, encyclopedias are best used as a starting point for your research and should not be used in place of a scholarly source.

Reference E-Books

The library also has many specialized encyclopedias available as e-books and print books. Find an encyclopedia that matches your course or your research interests to find background information on your topic. Not sure what your topic is yet? Browsing an encyclopedia can also be a great way to look for ideas.

A sample of gender studies encyclopedias is provided below. Use OneSearch to find more.

Reference books - print

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