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Computer Science

A guide for researching computer science topics.

Best-bet article databases

From around the Web

Programming & Algorithms:
CPAN (comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
Programmers Heaven (languages, platforms, applications, web development forums)
W3 Schools Online Web Tutorials
Academic Mind (free, high-quality tutorials)
GitHub (Friendly Forks; Career tips for beginner developers)
The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository

National Security Agency
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
OSTI (Office of Scientific and Technical Information)

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies (bibliographies of scientific literature in CS; updated weekly)
The DBLP Computer Science Bibliographies (open bibliographic information on major CS journals)
HCI Bibliography (Human-Computer Interaction related bibliography 1998-2018)

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Finding Data Sets

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