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EBSCOhost Academic Search Complete: How to search by subject

Using Subject Terms can focus your searching efficiently and improve your results.

Why Use Subject Terms?

Although you can retrieve useful information by Keyword searching, your results can be better focused quite often by using the appropriate Subject Terms related to the topic of interest.

Subject Searching is effective in databases, such as EBSCO Academic Search Complete, and other search tools like OneSearch.

Find Subject Terms in the database

Academic Search Complete is a database covering a wide range of academic and other subjects. The database includes full-text of the majority of the items included. 

From the initial search screen in Academic Search Complete, click Subject Terms.

Academic Search Complete - Subject Terms


Enter a word or phrase in to the box to search for a subject term definition. In this database, wind energy is not a subject term, instead, use wind power, a similar concept.

subject term search example

Use the Subject Term in your search

Once you've found the appropriate Subject Term for your search, click on Advanced Search and chose SU Subject Terms in the pull down menu.

Then enter the Subject term in the search box.

advanced search using subject term

More on Subject Terms

Click on a linked Subject Term to see a scope note or definition of the subject term. You will also see related terms, which can expand and further refine your search.

subject term record detail

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