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How-to Videos

Videos presenting information literacy and research skills concepts.

Research is a Process

Research 101: Research is a Process, Anna Eisen:

This video provides a brief explanation of the nature of the research. It is important for students to understand that the research process is not a quick one and seldom has a clear path. Getting background knowledge is critical to picking a topic and developing increasingly more complex research questions. Research questions can stem from gaps in the literature or research in a specific field, professional interest, real-world needs or circumstances, or personal experiences. When developing your research question, keep these things in mind: the general topic or field you are researching, the question or what you are trying to find, and why this question is important.

Picking a Topic

Picking your topic is research, North Carolina State University Libraries:

Meet Jenny! When you pick your topic, it's not set in stone. Picking and adjusting your topic is an integral part of the research process. Often, when students are tasked with a research assignment, they pick their topic right away. When they sit down to start their research, they sometimes have trouble finding suitable sources. This video reveals that researchers often have to broaden or narrow their approach to choose a topic appropriate in scope. Exploratory research, finding and reading more sources, can help.

One Perfect Source

One Perfect Source?, North Carolina State University Libraries:

Your topic seemed so great! So why can't you find any information on it? If you're looking for an all-in-one source that addresses your topic perfectly, you might need a different approach.

Finding & Using Background Information

Finding & Using Background Information, duPont-Ball Library, Stetson University (2014):

John B & Jane B work together to gather background information for a research paper.


Finding Background Information Using Britannica Academic

Finding Background Information Using Britannica Academic, duPont-Ball Library, Stetson University (2020):

Watch this video and learn how to use Britannica Academic to get background information on a research topic. This video starts on the library's website, and takes you through the various steps to access and navigate Britannica Academic.

Research Process with Niche Academy

Learn how to:

  • Brainstorm research topics

  • Determine if your topic is valid

  • Refine your topic

  • Create a research question

  • Develop strong keywords


Learn how to:

  • Define a literature review

  • Explain the purpose of a literature review 

  • Write a literature review

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