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Naxos Music Library App: How to use it

Includes instructions on how to access Stetson's Naxos Library through the NLM App

Naxos Library App

This first option in the list has information about setting up an account in Naxos to enable you to login through the App.

Image of Naxos site with arrow pointing at Student / Faculty of a subscribing university


Create a Naxos account

1. Download the app from your respective store – App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.

2. If you have your own Student Account, your email address and password will act as your login credentials for the NML / NML Jazz / NML World mobile app. Simply log in.

3. If you do not have your own Student Account yet, sign up on the institution Playlist Page. To do this, connect to the Naxos database (use the link below).

3. a. Click Playlists 

Naxos site with Playlists highlighted

3. b. Click Sign Up to create a Naxos account. 

Naxos Playlist page with Student Account highligted

3. c. Fill in the form.

Naxos create account page

4. After completing the Sign Up Form, you will receive an email. Complete the registration process by clicking the activation link in that email.

5. The email address and password you register with will act as your login credentials for the NML mobile app. Now you can create and save personal playlists, and enjoy the service everywhere through the mobile app. Please note that under certain rare circumstances, it can take up to 15 minutes for your Student Account registration to be completed. Once your own account has been created successfully, you can also log in to the web version of the service directly on the general Login Page.

6. We need to validate that you are still an authorized user of your institution biannually. Your access with mobile app will be temporarily deactivated if you haven't logged into the web version of the service via your institution's authentication system for six months. Please do so on the Playlist Page (at the top right corner) to reactivate your student account.

Login to the App using your Naxos account

Login to the app using your Naxos account.

naxos login screen

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