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EDUC 575: Action Research

Course guide for students working on action research proposals

Pearl Growing

Pearl growing involves finding a relevant citation and using keywords, subject descriptors, and themes from the citation in subsequent searches.

A search for CTE in the ERIC database included this result. The highlighted words used to describe the document may be useful in future searches.

Result from ERIC database with subjects highlighted

A search for vocational education in the SU Descriptors field includes results for CTE, Career and Technical Education.

ERIC database search results screen with keywords highlighted

Bibliography Mining

One way to find relevant articles is to raid the bibliography or works cited section.
Links to sources are built into some websites (see article linked below).

When links are not built in to the text, use Google, Google Scholar, or OneSearch to search for the citations. Here's an example:

  • Cappelli, P. H. (2015). Skill gaps, skill shortages, and skill mismatches : evidence and arguments for the united states. ILR Review68(2), 251–290.

Citation Searching

So you have an article in your hands, and you've already raided the bibliography for citations. But these are all older sources the author used. How can you find out who cited the article? 

Search Google Scholar to find "future" sources that cite the article you already have. 

  • Snell, D. Vocational Education and the Revitalisation of Manufacturing in the United State

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