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FSEM HONR101: "What is a Just World?"

First Year Seminar Honors Course Guide (Fall 2022)

Library Databases

General Academic Databases:

Philosophy-focused databases:

Law & Legal focused databases:

Newspaper resources:

Search Tips

Sometimes we run into trouble when researching online. One search query yields more results than we could ever begin to sift through, while another might return zero. It's all in the way you search. Check out the tips and tricks below to get the best results when researching.

Library Databases VS Google

Googling is second-nature to many of us. This search engine can yield great results, but it isn't always the best choice for academic research. Did you know that you have access to a ton of databases that contain content for the humanities, biology, communications and media studies, economics, and everything in between? No matter what your subject area, the library has a database that caters to your needs.

Still not convinced? Check out some of the main differences between library databases and Google below.

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