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FSEM 100: Thinking with Shakespeare

Guide for Dr. Joel Davis' First Year Seminar class

Evaluating Information - SIFT

SIFT infographic
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  • Before you read the article, stop!
  • Before you share the video, stop!
  • Before you act on a strong emotional response to a headline, stop!
  • Ask yourself: Do I know this website? Do I know this information source? Do I know it's reputation?
Investigate the source
  • Use Google or Wikipedia to investigate a news organization or other resource.
  • Hovering is another technique to learn more about who is sharing information, especially on social media platforms such as Twitter.
Find better coverage
  • Look and see what other coverage is available on the same topic
  • Keep track of trusted news sources
  • Use fact-checking sites
  • Do a reverse image search
Trace claims, quotes, and media back to the original context
  • Click through to follow links to claims
  • Open up the original reporting sources listed in a bibliography if present
  • Look at the original context. Was the claim, quote, or media fairly represented?

Evaluating Information - RADAR

RADAR approach to evaluating information

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