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Educational Specialist

This guide is prepared for Stetson students doing research in the Educational Specialist program.

Education Specialist subjects

If you'd like to search for books, try the search terms in the chart below. See the next box to find out how to look for books:


To find information about:  Search these terms:
Educational management

Educational management

Educational leadership 

Educational administration

Educational systems planning

Educational psychology  

Systems theory

Education-- Philosophy

The Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom

Mainstreaming in education  

Inclusive education  

Special education  

  • Add specific subjects, e.g. Special education --Mathematics 
  • Add Education to classes of gifted people or people with disabilities, e.g. Children with disabilities—Education
Educational Research


Action research in education

Proposal writing in educational research

Cultural Diversity in Education

Cultural pluralism

Cultural pluralism in textbooks


Psychology of Instruction and Discipline

Educational psychology  

School discipline

Classroom management

Rewards and punishments in education

Education in an Era of Challenge

Education -- Aims and objectives

Educational change

Educational planning

Communication in Education Communication in education



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2. Change the drop-down menu to Stetson if you you want to limit to items accessible through our library.

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