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SOBA 205: Professional Communications (Spring 2021)

This guide will help students make the best use of library resources for SOBA 205 classes.

Career & Grad School Info

 The databases below are a great place to start. Visit Career & Professional Development for more help.

Company Information

Gibson assignment

Career Portfolio

Create a career portfolio to explore a potential career.  You will study the "ins and outs" and provide information on how to pursue that career choice. Your portfolio should include:

  • Description of the career and why you chose to study it.
  • An industry and job market analysis of that field.
  • Describe how one enters that field and possible alternative paths within that career.
  • List and describe the knowledge, skills, certifications, and abilities needed.
  • Include some results from any assessment you have taken like Traitify, Strengthsfinders, etc.  Describe how your results might contribute to your chosen field and also reveal areas for skills improvement.
  • Identify three professional goals.
  • How do you plan to achieve these goals.
  • Explain how you plan to fulfill Stetson's ELR requirement *
  • You may use O-net ( or any other sources you may find at the library, in publications, or online. Use a minimum of three sources.
  • Provide reference page and properly formatted (APA style) citations.
  • Use APA style, 3-5 pages. Single-spaced, double spaced between paragraphs.
  • 12 pt font, 1-inch margins, Calibri or Times New Roman font type.
  • Include cover page with name, date, course number (SOBA 205) and assignment title.
  • Include subheadings.

Submit your papers in the assignment area on Blackboard.

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