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Educational Leadership

This research guide on Educational Leadership features resources from Stetson's duPont-Ball Library (and online).

Full text of journal articles

Most of the library's journal databases are full-text, meaning you can get the entire article by following a link in the database.  But occasionally, you will need to find out if the library has access to the full-text of a journal in a different database or in another format, like print.   The library's Journals List will give you this information.


JOURNALS LIST is a database of the journals (i.e. periodicals) available in the Library, in both online full-text and hardcopy.  JOURNALS LIST also tells you how far back a journal is held and whether there is an embargo (not available) for the most recent year for a full-text journal.  If your instructor has referred you to a particular article, or if you've found an article of interest in the bibliography of another article--or book--JOURNALS LIST is your next stop to locate the article.  Click on JOURNALS LIST at the top of the Library's homepage.

Search Results

On the results screen, you'll be able to determine if the Library subscribes to the journal and what years are available full-text online and in hardcopy.


Accessing full-text

Click on the hot-linked title of the full-text journal for a listing of which years and volume numbers are online.  Select the year and volume you need, after which you can select the particular issue and article desired.

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