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Returning and Renewing items during COVID-19

Returning items to the duPont-Ball Library during COVID-19 changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The books I borrowed from the library are in my dorm room / friends house / storage locker.  I can get them back but not until a later date. What do I do?  
Email and explain your situation.  We can extend the loan period and number of renewals.

I have items to return but the library is closed.
You can return the items in the outside book drop located on the library's front porch.  You can also ship them back to us.

I cannot find the items that I checked out. Do I have to pay?  
Email and explain the situation. We'll try to work with you, but you may be responsible the cost of replacement.  You can pay your library bill through the library website.

I am unable to return to campus with my borrowed items.  How can I get them back to you? 
See the 
Guide to returning your items to the library. 

I am being billed for overdue items, but I have them and want to return
but I’ve left campus.  How can I avoid paying a bill?
Email to request a renewal and clear the bill.
You can ship them back to us or you can return them in the outside book drop. If the items have not been out longer than one year, the bill will be cleared automatically.

I have equipment to return. 

Return items to the library during our open hours or ship them back to us.  

I have an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) item, can I put it in the book drop? 
Yes, the library
book drop is located on the front porch and is available 24/7/365.

I have an ILL, but I have left campus. 
Contact to make arrangements for its return.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.