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AMST 301B/HIST 366B: American Cultural Traditions

Course guide for AMST301/HIST366B


Welcome to the guide for AMST 301B/HIST 366B: American Cultural Traditions! This page features tools that will help you gather sources for your research projects.

The Home page features databases that are useful for locating secondary sources, and links to library services that may help you throughout the research process. Click on the Finding Primary Sources (on the left column) for info on how and where to find primary sources.

Databases for locating research

Subjects covered in AMST301/HIST366B American Cultural Traditions

From Dr. Croce's syllabus:

This course provides a guide to patterns of thought and action in the territory that would become the United States, with brief coverage of stories explored further in upper-division course in American Studies and American history. The five topics here are organized into pairs for comparison of earlier and recent aspects of each:

  • Contested Presidential Elections, in particular, the elections of 1800 and 2000;
  • Florida History: with focus on the Florida War (the Second Seminole War) and Zora Neale Huston’s folklore research in Eatonville, FL;
  • Women and Childbirth, with examination of midwifery before and after the advent of scientific medicine;
  • Christian Evangelicals, in the early republic and in our own time; and  
  • African American Responses to Injustice, specifically the vigilante destruction of Rosewood, FL, and the messages of Malcolm X and recent attention to America’s racial past.


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