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AMST 301B/HIST 366B: American Cultural Traditions

Course guide for AMST301/HIST366B American Cultural Traditions (a Culture and Belief (B), Historical Inquiry (H), and Africana Studies (AFST) course,… and a Writing Enhanced (WE) course)


Welcome to the guide for AMST 301B/HIST 366B: American Cultural Traditions! This page features tools that will help you gather sources for your research projects.

The Home page features databases that are useful for locating secondary sources, and links to library services that may help you throughout the research process. Click on the Finding Primary Sources (on the left column) for info on how and where to find primary sources.

Databases for locating research

Spring 2021 topics

Search strategies:


Search "Christian Evangelicals"
-THEN talk about search strategy (ask what kind of "evangelicals" these are. Asian? African?)
Evangelical AND America*
even better Evangel* AND America*
--"Evangel* AND America*"
--"America* Evangel*"

Search ProQuest Complete

Try "Contested Presidential Elections" 
talk about results

How else to search?
"2000 President* Election"
"2000 Election"
"Election of 2000"
Talk about peer-review during search for "Election of 2000"

Search Credo again for "Election of 2000" and see where results lead

Truncation!  Shinto Americ*

301-366 Student Research Projects (Spring 2021)

Stephen M: formation of two-party system 

David B: terrorism, Isis, war on terror 

Kennedy R: election talk; reflection, comparison on 2000 election especially in FL; reduce counting delays; what went wrong and what has gone right 

Adam S: how Am policies in discrimination has supported elites;  

Thomas M: health care of vets;  

Matt M: Evangelicals especially in the south 

Addie R: public policy in est of fed institutions, ex: national parks; influence on voter turn out, left and right; different states, how they voted; relation of state and national governments, with influence on voting 
Go to Congressional (database) and type in "national parks"

Emma K: evangelicals, or religion in general; tony Campolo 

Brianna L: women’s issues
(Cardi Bri! Try Gender Studies from GALE) 

Axel R: Asian religion to Am: maintaining religious traditions; Shinto specific to places 
ATLA / ProQuest/ JSTOR

Jennifer W: 

Nicole Z: founders and their votes; how consenting to be governed and who voted; class to race to gender to age 


Avery K: evolution of women from colonial times (Nina Dayton); abortion and women’s right to choose, government regulations 
START with "Nina Dayton" and USE QUOTES --try Jstor/ ProQuest 
and then maybe move back and search abortion AND government
Use OneSearch and look at eBooks 


Osmara R: evangelicals, why not participating in voting until 1970s 

evangelic* "not voting" 1970s

Emily S: women’s  

Mira M: medical skepticism 1950s-1970s, esp marginalized groups, Henrietta Lacks (HeLa cells): book, The Immortal Life of H Lacks; sedation of people with mental illness; Dozier 

Subjects covered in AMST301/HIST366B American Cultural Traditions

From Dr. Croce's syllabus:

This course provides a guide to patterns of thought and action in the territory that would become the United States, with brief coverage of stories explored further in upper-division course in American Studies and American history. The five topics here are organized into pairs for comparison of earlier and recent aspects of each:

  • Contested Presidential Elections, in particular, the elections of 1800 and 2000;
  • Florida History: with focus on the Florida War (the Second Seminole War) and Zora Neale Huston’s folklore research in Eatonville, FL;
  • Women and Childbirth, with examination of midwifery before and after the advent of scientific medicine;
  • Christian Evangelicals, in the early republic and in our own time; and  
  • African American Responses to Injustice, specifically the vigilante destruction of Rosewood, FL, and the messages of Malcolm X and recent attention to America’s racial past.

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