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3D Printing

Guide to support students using 3D printers in the Innovation Lab

Finding 3D Print Files

You can create 3D print files using a variety of software. One of the easiest ways to find objects to print is the website Thingiverse. This site allows you to search and browse for 3D objects. Once you find the object you would like to print click on the blue button "Download All Files"


Or view project models under "Thing Files" and click on the blue button "Download All Files." If needing an individual part, click "Download" next to one of the parts of the project.


Once you download the file(s) you will need to extract them from the zipped folder. Slicer programs (Cura, Simplify3D, Makerbot Print, etc.) cannot read files in a compressed (zipped) folder.

Quick Software Overview - Video

Slicer software is any software that "slices" 3D models into G-code. This code provides instructions for the 3D printing equipment to "build" your model. Our most common slicer software is Cura, Simplify3d, and Makerbot Print.

Below is a video for basics of acquiring a model to using our slicer programs to develop a 3d printer friendly file and getting the model printed.

Video contains 4 demonstrations of our slicer programs simultaneously. Please view video in full screen or full size in order to capture details.

Showing the programs in unison helps establish that the major principles in setting up a file are shared between all slicer programs. If you know the process, the key components for the process are present in all slicer programs.

Removing Prints Safely - Video

When printing is done, there are concerns as to how to remove model from print bed. We have tools that can help but care must be taken when removing models with or without tools.

After model is finished, allow print bed to cool to 40° C. Use scraper to gently work sides of model till separation from print bed occurs.

If removal proves difficult and requires additional work or force, remove build plate from printer and continue removal of model on a table surface.

View video below to see examples from 4 different machines (with removable print beds) and how to remove prints safely.

3D Printer collection

uPrint SE Plus

The UPrint SE Plus 3D printer offers high-end ABS filament printing with dissolvable rafting/scaffolding. Because of the cost of this machine and the cost of the materials to support it, this printer is restricted to academic print jobs by appointment Monday-Friday beginning at 8:30 am.

Other print jobs may be done any time the library is open on the library’s MakerGear M2, Prusa, Sigma R19, or Ultimaker printers which do NOT require reservations. Our Delta Wasp printer's are also available for use after a 10 minute Tutorial on their operation. Tutorials are given by Innovation Lab Technicians.

MakerGear Printers

MakerGear M2 is available to achieve quality 3D prints. With a few clicks you can have your model ready to go! Impressive speed and resolution (as fine as 20 microns) makes this a nice addition to our 3D printer lineup. Learn more by clicking the "MakerGear Printer" tab on the left!

Ultimaker Printers

With powerful features such as dual extrusion, speed, and resolution, Ultimaker 3 Extended and Ultimaker S5 can add to your creative abilities. Learn more by clicking the "Ultimaker Printers" tab on the left!

3D Creative Software

The PCs located in the Innovation Lab have several programs for creating 3D print files.

FIles may also be created in other programs listed here and here or downloaded from :

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Email Call or text 386-747-9028.