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LexisNexis Academic: How to Search It

This guide is prepared for Stetson students. It explains how to access and use the Library's LexisNexis proprietary database.

Introduction & Overview Video

Using the main search box for basic searches

The main search box (outlined in red) searches four major content categories at once:

  • Newspapers ( all newspapers, US and international)
  • Law Reviews
  • Company Profiles
  • Federal and State Cases

Simply type in a term and your results list will bring back news, cases, law reviews, and company information relevant to your search.

Navigating the LexisNexis search screen

  • The LexisNexis database contains includes 15,000 sources that cover a wide variety of content types. Beginning your search by selecting the content type will focus your search results more precisely.
  • Content types (news, foreign language news, broadcast transcripts, case law, statutes and regulations, patents, law reviews, business and company information) can be searched separately by opening the 'Search By Content Type' menu and selecting the content type you want to search.
  • For even more precise searches, specific titles (e.g.: Harvard Law Review, Kiplinger Tax Letter, AICPA Publications, etc.) can be selected from browse lists by clicking on the 'FindorBrowse' link located at the top of the search screen.
  • Research Guides located on the left-hand side of the screen under 'Tools' provide step-by-step instructions for finding legal and business information, searching the news, finding critical reviews and specific documents.


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