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Downloading ebrary eBooks

Instructions on how to save chapters and how to download books to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or tablet, Kindle Fire, or Nook.

Install Bluefire Reader and authorize your mobile device

In order to download an entire book from the ebrary database Bluefire Reader is required. Using your mobile device download the Bluefire Reader.

Once your Bluefire Reader is installed you will need to authorize your device with an Adobe ID.

This is a one-time operation.

Select the option to create an Adobe ID and follow the instructions.

Downloading a book to your mobile device for offline reading

1. On your mobile device, use the Safari browser to connect to the library's Ebrary database (Chrome is not recommended for this process)

- From the library's homepage

- Select the "Databases" tab

– Select "Browse Databases by Title"

– Scroll down the list and select Ebrary Book Collection

2. Sign in to your personal ebrary account 

   If you haven't created a personal ebrary account, here's how 

3. Search in ebrary for the book/document you want to download

4. Click the “Download” button

5. Select the icon for your device and follow the prompts.

The first time you download a book on your mobile device, ebrary will prompt you through the necessary steps. If, for example, you haven't downloaded the Bluefire app, it will guide you through the initial downloading, installing and authorizing steps. For subsequent downloads you will just need to login to your personal ebrary account in order to download a book in one simple step.

Using Bluefire

Your downloaded Ebrary book will appear automatically in the Bluefire Reader.

Tap the center of the cover to bring up the controls.

Most books will remain on your mobile device for 14 days unless you return them early.

Tap "Info" to view the expiration date, "Return Item" may be selected to return the book before it expires.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Call or text 386-747-9028.