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Downloading ebrary eBooks

Instructions on how to save chapters and how to download books to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or tablet, Kindle Fire, or Nook.

Step 1: Set up your Kindle Fire

While the Bluefire Reader runs on most Android devices, it’s not available in the Kindle Fire App Store. (Amazon blocks most third-party ebook apps.)

To download and install Bluefire Reader on your Kindle Fire follow these steps:

Tap the settings icon on your Kindle Fire and find the "Allow installation of Applications From Unknown Sources" feature and turn this feature to "On."This will enable you to install the Bluefire Reader. 

Install Bluefire reader according to the Bluefire instructions here. 

Step 2: Download and transfer

ebrary books cannot be downloaded directly to a Kindle Fire due to Amazon's proprietary software.

However, it is possible to transfer a downloaded book from your laptop or library computer to the Kindle Fire. The process requires a few extra steps and a USB cable.

Laptop setup (this is a one time process)

If you don't already have an Adobe ID you'll need to create one. Make a note of the Adobe ID (username and password) that you create. You will need to use your Adobe ID later in this process.

  • Go to Select "Sign in" and "Create an Account"
  • Install Adobe Digital Editions on your laptop. 
  • When prompted enter your Adobe ID

‚ÄčDownloading and Transferring

  • Using your laptop (or library computer) log into your ebrary account and select the ebook you want to download.
  • Follow the Select - Install - Download prompts
  • You will see a .acsm file being downloaded in your browser window
  • Open the file with Adobe Digital Editions
  • Attach your Kindle Fire to your laptop (or library computer) using a USB cable
  • Your Kindle Fire will say "You can now transfer files from your computer to Kindle."
  • Wait a few minutes until you see a Kindle icon in the lower left pane of the Adobe Digital Editions screen
  • When prompted enter your Adobe ID to authorize your Kindle Fire
  • Drag and drop the ebook's thumbnail into the Kindle icon
  • Unplug the Kindle Fire
  • Open the Bluefire reader app on your Kindle Fire to see the downloaded ebook.

Transfer your ebook to the Kindle Fire

On your laptop or library computer, you will see a .acsm file being downloaded in your browser window. Open Adobe Digital Editions and the book will download and appear in the Adoble Digital Editions window.

If the book does not appear in the Adobe Digital Editions window, click on the .ascm file in the downloads box and drag and drop into Adobe Digital Editions.

Attach your Kindle Fire to the computer using a USB cable, turn on the Kindle Fire. Your Kindle Fire should say "You can now transfer files from your computer to Kindle."  After a moment or two, you will see a KINDLE device icon in the left hand pane of Adobe Digital Editions window. At this point you will be asked to authorize your Kindle using your Adobe ID. Drag and drop the book to the KINDLE icon and the book will transfer into the Bluefire reader on your Kindle Fire.

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