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Instructions for Skype in Room 26L

How to login to Skype and make a call.

Logging In

1.) Using the wireless keyboard and mouse, Log-in to the PC using your Stetson network ID.

2.) Double click on the Skype icon on the desktop.


3.) Select whether you would like to log-in with your Skype account, your Microsoft account, or create a new account.

4.) Sign in with your username and password.

Making a Call

5.) Once you are logged in you can search for the person you would like to Skype (use their name or Skype ID).


6.) Or select one of your contacts. You can also use the Echo/Sound Test Service to test the sound on the PC.

7.) To make a video call select the video camera icon. To make a voice call select the phone receiver icon.

8.) To end the call click on the video camera icon (video calls) or the phone receiver icon (voice calls).

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