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Library page, general search

To do a general search of the Library's resources, start with OneSearch (default setting here is 'Everything' for all the types of material) and enter 'salsa' as a keyword, then choose 'Stetson' from the dropdown menu to the right.


Note the large number of results (5,239) and the types of materials retrieved (articles, book chapters, music, and books. 


To see all the types of materials retrieved in a general search, click on the 'Show more' link at the bottom of the 'Format' list as displayed above.

Credo Reference Works

For general information on salsa, click the link above for  'Credo Reference Works'. You can also find Credo Reference Works from the Database List as pictured below. 


Since Salsa refers not only to music and dance, but to food, use the term 'NOT' to eliminate the food references e.g., 'Salsa' and dance and music NOT food'

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