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Haunted History Tour

This guide is a visual tool to use during our spooky tour of campus.

Hulley Tower and Chimes

Photo 1513 

Two students walk past the base of Hulley Tower. c. 1960s 


Photo 1465

Chaudoin Hall, taken from the northwest, with Hulley Tower shown next to it (1960s)

Photo 1142

Two male students in the Hulley Tower with two of the large chimes (1950s)


Photo 1502-2

Louie Wilkinson plays the Eloise Chimes in Hulley Tower. 1946. 

Musicians played the chimes with wooden handles, each attached to a bell by a system of pulleys, wires and leather straps. The playing platform was located on the tower's second level, open to the air and reached by a narrow stone staircase. A series of iron ladders lead to the bells, that was also open to the air.



History and Rembrances of the Eloise Chimes at Stetson

Amazing article on Hulley Tower from FALL 2005. STETSON. UNIVERSITY. Volume 22, Number 1Fall 2005.

Photo byCarol Willink
FALL 2005
Hulley Tower: History, tradition
and remembrances
By Betty Brady

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