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Music Performance: Guitar

Music scores, recordings, articles, and research materials for performance majors, emphasizing guitar

Stetson Recitals and Programs

From 2000 through 2016,
 most of the Stetson School of Music performances have been recorded and preserved on compact discs in the Library.

  • They are searchable by keyword and format (CD) and are available at the Circulation Desk for use only in the Library.
  • The call numbers reflect the date of performance, e.g., 2008APR12, indicating that the performance was in 2008 on April 12.
  • In some cases, where there are multiple performances on the same date, this is reflected by letters following the numerical portion of the date., e.g., 2008APR12A, 2008APR12B, etc.
  • The library will not make or sell copies of Recital CDs.

Use OneSearch on the library's website to search for Recital CDs.

School of Music live-stream recitals on YouTube, since 2017:
Archive of recitals on YouTube:

The Library no longer makes compact discs of these recordings.


Finding a Stetson recital recording in OneSearch

To find a recital CD search for stetson recital cds and the instrument used in the recital or a performer's name.

These do not circulate, but and may be used in Library. Ask at Circulation Desk by call number.

stetson recital cds search results

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