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3D Printing

Getting Started

Make sure your file is in an .STL format (These can be created using a variety of software or downloaded from Thingiverse.)

Open up the CatalystEX software on the desktop

Click on the GENERAL tab

Click on File then Open STL then Open yourfilename.stl from wherever it is saved

Note the STL size at the bottom of the screen. This is the size of your object in inches. If you need to make it smaller or bigger, you can adjust in the Properties (right side of screen)

Changing Properties

Change the properties (right side of screen) if necessary

  • Layer Resolution: the default is 0.0100 (good for most print jobs)
  • Model Interior: choose from “Sparse-Low Density,” “Solid,” or “Sparse-High Density”
    • Sparse-Low Density is good for most print jobs and will decrease the time it takes to print your object
  • Support Fill: choose from “Basic,” “Smart,” or “Surround”
    • Smart is best for most print jobs
  • Number of copies: adjust as necessary
  • STL Units: choose from millimeters or inches
  • STL Scale: use this setting to change the size of your object. As you change the scale, check the
  • STL size at the bottom of the screen to see the size changing

Orientation and Adding to the Pack

Click on the ORIENTATION tab – for the most efficient print job, click on “Auto Orient”

Click on the GENERAL tab – click “Add to Pack”

  • If you get a message about over-writing files, click “yes”

Click on the PACK tab – drag your object to the desired position on the build plate


When everything is set the way you want it, click PRINT (bottom right when you are in the PACK tab)

Press the “Start Model” option on the 3D printer

You can check on the time remaining by pushing the “Time” option on the 3D printer

IMPORTANT: Note in the right column (“Pack Details”) the time it will take your job to print. (6:24, for example, means six hours and 24 minutes.) If the print time is too long, delete the object from the build plate, go back to the GENERAL tab and restart the process by rescaling your object, auto-orienting it, adding it to pack again. Do this until you get an acceptable build time.

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