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3D Printing

Finding 3D Print Files

You can create 3D print files using a varity of software. One of the easiest ways to find objects to print is the website Thingiverse. This site allows you to search and browse for 3D objects. Once you find the object you would like to print click on the blue button "Download This Thing."

Or scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue button "Download All Files."

Once you download the file(s) you may need to extract them from the zipped folder.

Importing the File to MakerBot

There are two quick ways to load your file:

  • Open the MakerBot software by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. Click on "File" and "Open" and select your file from the location it is saved. The software may ask you if you want to move the object to the platform. Select "Yes."
  • If MakerBot software is already open and you have your .stl readily available you can click and drag the .stl file onto the MakerBot 3D plane.

Making Changes to the Object

Click on "Prepare."

Once you import the file you can make adjustments by using the icons on the left of the screen. To make changes you must select the object by clicking it with your mouse.

The top icon allows you to change your view of the object.

The second icon changes the position on the platform.

The third icon changes the rotation of the object.

The fourth icon changes the size of the object.


Once you have adjusted the object to your liking, click on "Print" in the upper right hand corner. A box will pop-up telling you how long the print job will take. If you are satisfied with all the settings and the time to print, then click on "Print" in the pop-up box.

Make sure the blue painter tape on the platform is in good condition. New squares of tape may be found in the Innovation Lab. 

Leave the door closed while printing. When the object has finished printing, give the printer time to cool down before trying to remove the object. Sometimes you may need to use a spatula to remove the object from the printer. 

Video Tutorial

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