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RIA Checkpoint (Accounting) database: How to use it

Locate the database, create an account, search for accounting and tax information

SOBA students

Students in the School of Business Administration tax classes can register to establish individual logins and passwords to allow them to tailor accounts, and save files and search histories. 

These accounts are valid for one semester.

Stetson students/faculty/staff may register using their own PC as long as it is connected to the Stetson campus network. RIA will then be able to recognize that you are logging in from Stetson and can assign the correct Checkpoint ID, thereby ensuring the ability to customize Checkpoint.

Create an account - off-campus

Create an account: on-campus

For Stetson students, faculty, or staff wishing to create your own RIA Account:

  • To register for an account in the RIA Checkpoint database, start at:
  • Under “Multiple Accounts” check the box for STEUNITECHSVCDE and SUBMIT.
  • Validate your email by providing your Stetson email address.  Click on NEXT.
  • On the next screen provide user information and select the current semester.  Click on NEXT.
  • On the registration page, check the box for License Agreement.  Click on DONE
  • You will receive a confirmation in your e-mail with your user name and password.  The email also contains a link to the RIA Checkpoint login screen.  Once you are registered, use this link to access the database. 
  • Enter your user name and password and you will be linked to the checkpoint search screen.
  • To change your password, click on options at the upper right top of the screen.
  • Select Personal/Password from the menu on the left.

You can also use Options – General Settings to customize your account, to have RIA open to the Research page instead of to the home page, for example.

This User Name and Password ensures that your customized version of Checkpoint is truly unique and will include your saved searches and history (which identifies locations of previously found solutions or answers, etc.).

Remember, this account is valid only for a semester.

Log in to your account

Once you have set up an account, you should go to to log on to the database.

After initially using the database with a Stetson computer/IP address a Stetson user may look at the RIA Checkpoint database from any computer.

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