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A guide to research resources for IHSC309.

Online Resources

Following A Research Conversation

The above video was produced by the University of Central Florida. Click the "i" in the upper right of the video player for more information.

Research can be thought of as a conversation as scientists build on the work of those that have gone before them, offering new perspectives and drawing new conclusions. Using a resource such as Google Scholar, you can search for works by title, author or subject and use the Cited By feature to see who has built upon that work.  You can also use the reference list from a work to find the resources they used to create their research product. Take a look at the bibliography and see what sources you can glean (especially primary documents), for your own paper.

You can also use a database, Web of Scienceto search for a particular journal article or author to find out where the author's work has been cited since publication.

Interlibrary Loan

If you find a resource you'd like to use, but our library doesn't own it- don't fret!

You can borrow the item using our InterLibrary loan service for free. Just remember that Interlibrary Loan can take some time, so make sure you put in your request early.

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