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Using the WorldCat database will greatly expand your access to published information worldwide.


WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog.  It is a catalog of library catalogs, including the Library of Congress.  This database does not provide full-text of books and articles, but it will help you identify whatever has been published on any subject.  WorldCat has full cataloging records for more than 300 million books, government documents, musical scores and recordings, maps, and videos.  The database also serves as the interlibrary loan system for more than 70,000 libraries.

Why Use WorldCat?

A well-resourced paper should include scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles and authoritative books.  After you've checked for books in the Library Catalog, and depending on how much information you need, going to WorldCat will give you information about other useful books.  Even large academic libraries cannot acquire all the books on every topic of interest to researchers, so WorldCat's shared catalog allows you to supplement what the duPont-Ball Library has in its hardcopy and e-book collections.

Searching WorldCat

On the Library homepage, click on Databases by Title.  Scroll down and click on WorldCat (Library Catalogs).  To focus your searching, you can limit your retrieval in serveral ways:


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