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News: Evaluating Information, Detecting Bias & Newspapers

This guide features resources and tips to help you evaluate news, detect bias in reporting & finding news sources.

How to Evaluate Information

Determining credible sources is crucial to understanding information and news. Figuring out the bias of the author of an article can be very difficult. When reading articles and putting together research for your assignment, be aware that most periodicals will be biased. Magazines, newspapers, and journals may identify with a specific political or ideological point-of-view, and this will determine what (and how) information is presented. One of your responsibilities as a student and academic researcher is to understand the viewpoint of a particular publication and its content. Below are questions to ask yourself when using news sources for your research:

Who is the author of the information? 
This refers to both individual authors and sources. Are they credible?  What qualifications do they offer?

Is the publication date appropriate for your needs?
Is the information outdated?  Or, is it too recent to be considered credible?

Is the information relevant?
Does it meet your needs?

What is the purpose of the material?
Is the material baised? 

For what type of audience was the information created?
Is it for a general audience or a more particular subset of the population?

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