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MGMT 400

This guide was created in February 2017 for Dr. Joy McGuirl-Hadley's students.

Research Strategies

Has anyone written about this problem before? 

What do students, faculty, staff, or other stakeholders know that might help you?

Do other universities face similar problems? How have they dealt with them?

Depending on your problem, you may want to start with local universities, our athletic rivals, or universities that are considered Stetson's "peer institutions." Some of our peer institutions are:

Drake University Eckerd College Elon University
Loyola University New Orleans Rollins College University of Richmond
University of Tulsa Valparaiso University Xavier University


Are people talking about the problem on social media?

  • Many social media networks allow you to search all public posts by keyword and location.
  • Identify any hashtags that may be relevant. Ie, #gohatters, #sunited, may lead to interesting posts
  • Identify relevant social media pages- what are they posting, what are others tagging and commenting?


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