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Google Scholar: What is Google Scholar?

Make the most of Google's search tool for scholarly sources.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google's search engine for scholarly sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles.

Google Scholar can be a useful tool that often gets you a large number of search results, but keep the following limitations in mind as you search:

- Not "everything" is included in Google Scholar. It only searches the indexed internet, so parts of the "deep web" buried beneath logins or other restrictions are not included.

- Most of the sources you find on Google Scholar are not freely available to the public. If you are not on a campus Wi-Fi network, be sure to add the library link for the duPont-Ball library for free access to content licensed by the library (see below for info). Request content not licensed by the library via interlibrary loan.

- Compared to library databases, Google Scholar has very few filters and advanced search options available to help you narrow down search results. So while you may find a large number of search results, it can be difficult to find the right source(s) for your research project.

- To make the most of Google Scholar, check out the tabs along the top of this page for search tips and info about special features.

Setting up Library Links

Many of the sources you find with Google Scholar may be blocked behind a paywall. Stetson students & faculty should add the duPont-Ball library link for free access to paid content that is available through the library. From, click on Settings > Library Links > search for Stetson University duPont-Ball Library > select the checkbox next to it. Now you can access library materials from within Google Scholar via the Find It @ Stetson Library link on the search results page.

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Call or text 386-747-9028.