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This guide was created for Dr. Baldwin's summer 2016 CSL 515 students.


The library's role is to connect you with the information you need to succeed in research & learning. We provide access to a variety of information resources, research services, study spaces, & technological tools.This page features resources and services that may be most useful for this class. To learn more visit or contact a librarian.

Key Research Services

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Key Databases for Scholarly Sources on Counseling Topics

The library provides access to >100 subscription databases. Below is a list of databases that are most appropriate for scholarly research on counseling topics. 

For off-campus access to databases, you will need to login with Stetson credentials.

Search Tips

Narrow Your Search Results

Broaden Your Search Results

Add additional keywords- (ex: college AND stress AND academics)

Choice of keywords- choosing the right keywords is key. Try experimenting with different terms. (ex: Movie OR cinema OR film OR motion picture)

Choose more specific search terms- (ex: hiking AND DeLand instead of hiking AND central Florida)

Too narrow topic- try looking for sources on a broader, related topic (ex: hiking AND central Florida instead of hiking AND DeLand)

Exclude words from your search results- (ex: travel NOT “time travel”)

Too many search terms- begin with 1-2 search terms that best represent your topic, then add more as needed. Avoid long phrases.

Use search filters­- limit by source type, date of publication, language, subject, & more.

Too many search filters- avoid using any filters that are unnecessary

Choice of database- select a database with a narrower scope of subject matter

Choice of database- select a database with a broader scope of subject matter

Search by subject- search for your terms as a subject instead of as a keyword

Use wildcard & truncation symbols- *, #, ? Allow you to search for multiple spellings of a term


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Video Databases

Journal Information

After Class Survey

Have a question? Ask a librarian! Call or text 386-747-9028.