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NexisUni (formerly LexisNexis): How to Search It

This guide is prepared for Stetson students. It explains how to access and use the Library's NexisUni proprietary database.

Filtering results of your search

Search results can be filtered in a number of ways. When the results of your keyword search produces a large list, you can focus the results by selecting any of the filters located in the Narrow By column.

A search of the News content area for articles on Putin produces a results list of over 10,000 news items. Notice the Narrow By column located in the left-hand pane of the results page. Use any of the drop-down menus to filter the results by date, geographic region, subject, publication, language, etc. In the example below, by selecting the Language filter the number of news articles available in foreign languages will be displayed. Select any of the 20+ languages listed to view the articles.




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