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PsycINFO Database--What It Is and How to Search It : Cited References

This Guide gives tips for searching the PsycINFO database, published by the American Psychological Association.

Cited References

The PsycINFO database allows searchers to look driectly for who has cited a certain reference.  You can search for a cited reference by a cited author, the cited title of a journal article or report,  the cited title of a journal, a cited date, or some element in all citation fields (such as a publisher or the name of a university).

Click on Cited References at the top of the PsycINFO search page.  Type the information in the appropriate box in order to find out who (if anyone) has cited a particular author, or a particular article. For example, to see who may have cited Dr. Cochran and Dr. Hale's article "College Student Norms on the Brief Symptom Inventory," published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology," volume 41, issue 6, November 1985, pp. 777-779,  type the name of the article in the appropriate box and click on Search.  (See screen shot below.)

Among the results that come up, check the boxes next to the ones you want to pursue.  Then click on Find Citing Articles.

In the results shown below for the search of who has cited Dr. Hale and Dr. Cochran's article, note that entry number 2 appears to have incorrectly identified the volume and page numbers of the article (citing volume 31 when the correct volume is number 41 and pages  as 176-184 when the correct page numbers are 777-779).  Note that entry 3 misspells Dr. Cochran's name. That's the reason there are 3 different entries.  Entries 2 and 3 are examples of why it is so important to get citations correct and complete.  If you were searching for Dr. Cochran and Dr. Hale's article using the information in entries 2, or 3, you likely would be having trouble finding it.



Note that if you did a search for the title of this article on the regular search screen of PsycINFO (not the cited references search), the results of only entry number 1 above would be listed as citing Dr. Hale and Dr. Cochran's article.  The other citations that had errors in them, would not be found through this method (searching on the regular PsycINFO search screen). 

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