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PsycINFO Database--What It Is and How to Search It : Limiting by Methodology, Peer Review, and Other Limits

This Guide gives tips for searching the PsycINFO database, published by the American Psychological Association.

Limiting by Methodology, Peer Review, and Other Limits

In addition to the field, Source Types, and Subject limits indicated in the previous box, PsycINFO allows you to limit your search by methodology, document type, age group, and many other limiters.  On the Advanced Search Screen (which is the default search screen), before you have done any searches, notice all the options you have in the bottom portion of the search screen. (See screen shot below). Some of the most often used options are noted below with the red arrows.

Apply Related Words—expands your search by including synonyms and plurals of your term.




You have many of these same options to limit or focus your results after you have completed a search.  After you have completed a search, the options appear along the left-hand side of the result list screen.  (See screen shot below.)

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