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PsycINFO Database--What It Is and How to Search It : Can I Get the Full Text?

This Guide gives tips for searching the PsycINFO database, published by the American Psychological Association.

If There Is a Link to Full Text?

To download or print those articles that are available full text, click on the link to the full text either in html or pdf format. 

From the Result list, the link is found under the citation.  (See screen shot below).


If you have clicked on the title of an item to bring up the full record of that item, the link to full text will be on the left-hand side.  (See screen shot below.)



What If There's No Link to Full Text?

If there is no direct link to full text, but the record has a link to “Check Stetson Holdings,” click on that link which automatically searches Stetson’s Journals List to see if we own the journal either in print (on the shelves in the Library) or have access to it electronically in another database. (See screen shot below.) 



If the Journals List shows that we have that journal available electronically in another database, click on the name of the database and follow the links to the specific article you want. (See screen shot below.)



If the Journals List shows 0 results, then you will have to put in a request for an interlibrary loan (see last box on this page) to get the article. (See screen shot below.)



Interlibrary Loan, Journals List, and Library Catalog

You can access the library's Interlibrary Loan Request Form any time by going to the library's home page ( and clicking on Interlibrary Loan.   (See screen shot below.)

You can check the Library’s Journals List at any time by going to the Library’s home page and clicking on Journals List. 

If the result you got by searching PsycINFO indicates a chapter in a book, then check Stetson’s catalog to see if we own the book.



Interlibrary Loan

If there is no link to the full text of a journal article or if Stetson does not own the book, you may want to submit an interlibrary loan request.  You can submit a request on the Web by going to or click on the link to the form from the library's home page (see box above).

There is no charge for interlibrary loans, and there is no limit on the number of requests you can submit.

NOTE: You should allow about two weeks to receive an interlibrary loan.  Many times things come more quickly than two weeks, but you should allow two weeks just to be safe.

If the request is for a book, the book will come to our library.  Someone from our library will call or email you to come pick up the book.  You need to return the book to our library, and we will send it back.

If the request is for a journal article, most times the articles come as email attachments, and we will forward the email attachment to the email address you give us.  If a print copy comes, we will send the print copy to the address you have given us.  You do not need to return journal articles.  They are yours to keep.


Have a question? Ask a librarian! Call or text 386-747-9028.