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MLA Database: What It Is and How to Search It: Searching for Materials About a Literary Author

The Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLA) is an index to journal articles, books, and more, published on modern languages, literatures, folklore, film, and linguistics.

Searching for Materials About a Literary Author

To search for materials about an author

In the search box, simply type in the person’s name (first name first or last name first, it doesn't matter), and click on “Search.”


Click on “Names as Subjects” across the top of the screen (use this option if you're not sure of the spelling of the author's name or whether you should use a pseudonym or not). (See screen shot below.)

On the “Browse for” line, type in the name of the author (last name first--it does matter for this search).

Click on “Browse.”

Check the box to the left of the author you want.

Click on “Search.”


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