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MLA Database: What It Is and How to Search It: Searching for Research Materials by a Specific Author

The Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLA) is an index to journal articles, books, and more, published on modern languages, literatures, folklore, film, and linguistics.

Searching for Research Materials by a Specific Author

To search for articles by an author (remember, this search will be for the author of an article or book, probably NOT the author you are researching), you can restrict your search to the author field by typing in the author’s name (last name first) in the search box.

Change the field to “Author”

Click on “Search”


If you are uncertain of how an author’s name is spelled, or how he/she might have listed it on a particular publication (using a middle initial, for example, or not), hover over More at the top of the page. Click on Indexes, then by Browse an Index, select Author. (See screen shot below.)

Type the author’s name (as close as you know to the correct spelling), last name first, on the “Browse for” line.

Click on “Browse.”

Check the box beside the name of the author you seek, and click "Search."

You can check the boxes next to more than one name if you wish.



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