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Using the WorldCat database will greatly expand your access to published information worldwide.

Why search by Subjects in WorldCat?

Because of the enormous size of the WorldCat database--more than 300 million catalog entries--using Subject terms to focus your search can be essential.

WorldCat uses the same subject headings found in the Library Catalog.  These headings have been developed by the Library of Congress.

Your first step in searching for books should be the Library Catalog.  Note the subject headings you find there which relate to your topic and use those headings in your searches on WorldCat.

Subject headings listed in the Library Catalog

Listed below are examples of subject headings found at the end of a cataloging record for a book listed in the Library Catalog. 

The subject headings can be used in WorldCat to provde for efficient, focused searching.

Search tips for WorldCat

A good way to narrow your search in the vast database of books and other sources in WorldCat is to combine subject headings and key words in your search strategy.

Also, you may wish to limit your retrieval to the most recent years and to English language items.

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