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Downloading ebrary eBooks

Instructions on how to save chapters and how to download books to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or tablet, Kindle Fire, or Nook.

Authorizing a Nook for Download

If you’re having trouble authorizing your NOOK device with Adobe Digital Editions:

1. Plug the device in to the computer via USB.

2. Open Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).

  • You should be prompted immediately to Authorize the Device with your Adobe ID.
  • If you are not prompted, but see the “MyNOOK” device in the left side under “Bookshelves,” use the following keyboard commands to deauthorize it:

CTRL + SHIFT + E (Windows)

CMD + SHIFT + E (Mac)

  • Select the device you wish to deauthorize and then click OK.

3. Unplug your NOOK and then plug it back it in. The Device Setup Assistant should start up again and give you the option to Authorize your Device.

After you authorize it, you should be able to drag and drop books from your ADE library to the Nook.

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