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RIA Checkpoint (Accounting) database

Tips on where to locate the database, how to create an account, and how to search for accounting and tax information - for Stetson users only.

Search by Citation

To Search the Internal Revenue Code or IRS/Treasury Regulations

1. Expand “Find by Citation”
2. Select “Code & Regs”
3. Enter an IRC citation in the Current Code search box or enter an IRS regulation citation in the “Final, Temporary...” search box

Example of an Internal Revenue Code Search

Search by Keyword

Search the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations by keyword

1.    Click on Keyword Searching in the left column
2.    Enter keyword(s) or a phrase
3.    Under “Primary Source Materials” expand the list by clicking on the plus sign next to “Internal Revenue Code, Regulations…”
             To limit search to the IRC,  check only the “Internal Revenue Code” box 
             To limit the search to Treasury Regulations, check only the "Final, Temporary..." box
4.    Click on “Search”

Example of a keyword search in the Internal Revenue Code

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